Ted talk | SOCI 1001 – Introduction to Sociology | Walden University

Describe the title of your TED Talk and who you would like to see in your audience. Then address the following:

  • Understanding the Social Issue
    • Describe your chosen social issue from Week 1 and explain why it is important to address.
    • Using your sociological imagination, explain what your chosen social issue “looks like” within society, who is affected by the social issue, and how they are affected.
    • Describe which sociological perspective(s) “fits” with your social issue and explain why.
  • The Role of Social Structure
    • Explain which social institutions are involved in the social issue and how they are involved.  
    • Describe what social norms are involved and whether these norms should be challenged. Then, explain why or why not.
    • Describe if and how the process of socialization has played a role in your social issue.
    • Explain whether inequality is a contributing factor to your social issue.
  • Creating Social Change
    • In Amanda Gorman’s (2021, January) poetry recital, she offers a hopeful view to the problems within society, as she refers to “a nation that is not broken, but simply unfinished.” Describe how you might apply this perspective to your chosen social issue and explain what positive social change might look like in society.
    • Considering what you learned about power from the Public Health Scotland (2017, August 16) video, describe how you might use the “power to,” “power with,” and “power within” from Week 4 to address your chosen social issue.
    • The social Issue I chose was Unemployment. 

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