The conclusion nor the essay addressed to what extent. it simply


1. Add the Sources to 10.

2. Correct Grammar and Typographical Errors in the paper.

“One of the first policy that made John Major to fail was siding with the Euroethusiasts between April 1992 and September 1993.” — one of the many grammatical errors made.
“The ideology was primary to his leadership to such an extent that it was seen as a panacea.” — improper sentence structure and incoherent.
The question of the essay was “to what extent was the Major government a failure? Analysing and evaluating a maximum of 3 policies, support your argument”
The conclusion nor the essay addressed to what extent. It simply narrates and parrots a point of view.

“It has now been over two decades since John Major left his leadership role as the prime minister. In most instances, the reputation of the outgoing leadership is miserable. The same was applicable to Major’s administration since it was dragged down by sleaze scandals, corruption and was pulled down by media onslaught, public perception of economic incompetence and the Conservative in-fighting over Europe. Moreover, this low ranking and negative perception was not assisted by the growing comparison that historians made by viewing him as an interlude between Tony Blaire and Margaret Thatcher.”

Improper source. Does not even have an author

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