The hazard, threat, and incident annexes


The Hazard, Threat, and Incident Annexes are another of the three sections of the traditional emergency plan. This section is a supplement to the Basic Plan and focuses on planning for specific incidents, hazards, and threats. Students will be responsible for writing and submitting Hazard, Threat, and Incident Annexes based upon the initial Risk and Hazard Assessment they submitted for their individual jurisdictions. Thus, the sections of these Hazard, Threat, and Incident Annexes will vary depending on the risks and hazards identified for each student’s jurisdiction. Students will be responsible for writing Hazard Annexes for the TOP 5 threats/hazards/incidents identified in their hazard analyses. 
The outline, which students should use for this assignment, is as follows:

  • Specific Elaboration on the Hazard and/or Threat identified by the student as needing more elaboration
  • Special Considerations for Preparing for and/or Mitigating Against this Threat or Hazard
  • Other information required to be provided (the student may use this area for specific Hazard / Threat information provision specific to the jurisdiction that the student has selected

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