The paper should include a short overview of the leadership topic and


The paper should include a short overview of the leadership topic and how it applies to nursing practice. Students should include more than one example of a specific application of the topic to nursing practice, include the 5 steps of the nursing process.

The paper should be between 3-5 pages (not including title and reference pages). This paper should be written as a formal paper in APA 7th edition format with appropriate title and reference pages. Please have at least 2 valid references including at least 1 peer-reviewed nursing journal article from the United States that has been published within the last 5 years and your ATI Nursing Leadership and Management book.

References should be appropriately cited throughout the paper. If you need help with APA 7th edition formatting, grammar, or writing, please make an appointment with the writing center to assist you with this assignment.

Leadership Paper Guidelines

All APA papers for this course must include the following components:

1. Title Page (Page number, upper right corner, the title of the paper (this should be the topic you are presenting), your name, college name, course name and number, instructor name and due date)

2. Introduction (No header is used in APA format)

3. Body of the paper (Include appropriate headers of the 5 steps of the nursing process)

4. Conclusion (Include header and a summary of the content of your paper)

5. Reference Page (APA format)

(Table of Contents and Abstract are not required in this paper)

All of these components must follow APA guidelines for formatting, font, and spacing. ALL references must be cited appropriately within the paper itself. All information that is not common knowledge requires citation.

Review the APA module in Canvas for a sample APA paper and APA formatting guidelines. Students are also encouraged to reach out to the writing center for additional help on composition, grammar, and APA formatting.

Remember this paper is automatically submitted to Turnitin. Please appropriately cite all work in the paper with references.

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