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   You are expected to hand in a term paper on a specific topic within a range of topics discussed below. The idea is to acquire knowledge about the US and its trading partners and how we exchange with them. The term papers can focus on current trade and balance of payments issues concerning one of the USA’s 15 major trading countries. These are ranked below by the US Census Bureau based on total volume of trade with them (imports plus exports) in Billions USD, 2019:* Mexico – $614.5, Canada – $612.4, China – $558.9, Japan – $218.3, Germany – $187.8, S. Korea – $134.4, UK –$132.3, France – $95.2, India – $92.1, Taiwan – $85.5, Netherlands – $81.0, Italy – $80.9, Vietnam – $77.6, Brazil – $73.9, Ireland – $70.8. 

* The source is https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/statistics/highlights/top/top1912yr.html 

You can select any country or group of countries among the US major trading partners and discuss any topic concerning this country’s trade and exchange relations with the US and their impact on related multinational corporations and the various components of their balance of payments. The style of the paper is up to you and it may include a combination of text, tables, and graphs and should include your perspective on the way the country’s trade and exchange rate policies may contribute to these relations. The textual material should be the equivalent of 10 pages of 12 pts, double spaced, using Word. But there is no limit on the tables or graphs you can include. You will be asked to submit an abstract of your term paper a couple of weeks before the final to make sure you have your term paper structured in a satisfactory direction. In developing the paper, you should attempt to rely, as much as you can, on what you learned from the course.   


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