Theory project | Sociology homework help

TOPIC: Post-Colonialism : Theories of Human Communication

: Each student will present to fellow students and the instructor a report on the chapter he or she selects or the instructor assigns to him or her. The report will include the following sections: (a) introduction to or overview of the chapter; (b) at least seven concepts the writer explicitly or implicitly covers in the chapter; (c) at least two theories the writer explicitly or implicitly presents in the chapter and that unifies or incorporates at least two of the concepts; (d) the paradigm that unifies or incorporates the concepts and the theories, that guides thinking about the subject, and that the writer explicitly or implicitly presents in the chapter. From the sum of the concepts, the theories and the paradigm, the student also will state an issue or interest or concern or question that goes beyond the subjects the chapter covers and that should be an area of research and discussion, and explain the importance of addressing this issue as a matter of theory, professional practice, and ethics/aesthetics/policy in communication. 

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