Unit 1 ip | Information Systems homework help

Review the following LinkedIn Learning videos to help you with your assignments in this Unit.

Create a 5-page MS Word document following APA guidelines (first person should not be used). Write this document for a technical audience.

Research and answer the following components:

  1. Selecting a Database Solution

. Research available database solutions and provide two different solutions mapped to different business requirements.

  1. Critical Thinking Questions.
    • Explain how redundant data often leads to poorer decision making.
    • An attribute is a characteristic or property of an entity. If person is an entity, would the same attributes be used to describe a person in different databases that store medical, student, and fitness club data? Why or why not?
    • What policies have you seen your school or college take to protect your privacy?
    • What mission-critical applications must your college or university protect?

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