Using anti bias curriculum for real changes

For this discussion, please go back to Chapter 6 in your Textbook. Re-read the sections on the “The Disappearance of Play” and “Inequitable Access to Play as Curriculum”. 

For this discussion post, please explain what you would say to educators and parents with the biases about play that are mentioned. In your post you cannot just say “We have to get along.” OR “We have to be nice to each other.” Please make sure you discuss some of the bigger issues involved. Let me give you a hint…It has to do with racism, culture, privilege, self fulfilling prophecy, etc. Remember that it is a social justice issue. Use your critical thinking skills. Your response must be at least 8 full sentences. 

Then, please comment on 2 classmates’ posts AND tell them EACH 2 DIFFERENT things you learned about while watching 

“Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years”

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