Week 4 peer response 3 | GEN 104: College Reading Strategies | Ashford University


  • Please read my peers response below and share an additional strategy your classmate could try in the future.
  • Your responses should be at least 100 words each.


 I chose the journal article “Myths, Misperceptions, and Policy Learning: Comparing Healthcare in the United States and Canada” This article brings to light some common misconceptions about healthcare in the United States and Canada the two biggest being:

1) “That health systems in the United States and Canada are so different that they can not be usefully compared and 2) The other country’s health system is so flawed that there is nothing on offer in terms of policy lessons” (Marchildon, G. P., Cafaro, C. S., & Brown, A. (2018)) The article proposes that healthcare in the United States and Canada are not so different, and both countries could learn a lot from each other in terms of policy lessons.

  I decided to use the PSR method combined with breaking the article down into paragraphs and printing out the article.  I started with the PSR method, preview – study read -review, by skimming or previewing the entire article highlighting any unfamiliar words, after looking up the unfamiliar words so I would not misunderstand any of the concepts, I broke up the article into one or two paragraphs and study read them, once I finished reading I summarized the paragraphs. When I was all done with all the paragraphs I went back to the beginning and reviewed the summaries for a better understanding of the article altogether.

  Using this combined method worked really well for me, without the nightmare of confusion and frustration that I encountered with the first journal article I tried to read. I think I will continue using this combined method for required reading as it worked for me, and staying open to any other methods that might work better for different types of material. I feel that I am prepared for any reading that I may encounter going forward in my classes.

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