When writing a comparison-contrast essay, you could be addressing any

EN130 : English Composition II

Question 1

When writing a comparison-contrast essay, you could be addressing any of these purposes EXCEPT for which one?

Expressing an idea




Question 2

As derived from French, the word “journal” is best thought of as:

a journey.


to inscribe.

to recount.

Question 3

The major problem in writing an argument based on inductive reasoning is the possibility of flawed or spurious:





Question 4

Thinking about narrative categories, which sort of essay helps people feel that they’re joined in a common cause?





Question 5

A simple standard definition is normally composed of all of the following EXCEPT for:

characteristics of some class.

the term to be defined.

a class containing the term to be defined.

the distinctive characteristics of the term.

Question 6

Which kind of descriptive device is used in the following sentence from a narrative? “As I looked around the room in search of clues, the teddy bear—propped up on the neatly made bed—stared at me with suspicious eyes.”





Question 7

Which statement best illustrates the nature of a Bildungsroman?

The hero in this story never seems to understand his own faults.

In Caldwell’s novel, her protagonist, Lucille, seeks the approval of seriously slimy characters.

The hero in this story stands like a rock against tides of change that never touch him.

In Caldwell’s novel, her protagonist, Lucille, overcomes many obstacles to achieve her goals.

Question 8

Motivational letters are to encouraging positive action as diplomatic letters are to:

sustaining important personal and organizational relationships.

dealing with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.

resolving internal or external disputes.

soothing the ruffled feathers of complaining customers

Question 9

Which phrase is most likely to be part of an effective thesis statement?

I think


I believe

In my opinion

Question 10

For Sternberg, Don Juan’s alleged serial sexual conquests illustrate:


puppy love.

empty love.

fatuous love.

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