You will give an oral case presentation of your fictitious case from


you will give an oral case presentation of your fictitious case from Paper 2. Using a case conference format, you will have 8 minutes to present the supervision case. Given the limitation of 8 minutes (maximum), your presentation must be very focused, concise, and clear.

It is recommended that you prepare a maximum of 8 PowerPoint slides to help guide your presentation. Remember that PowerPoint slides are intended as prompts, and you should not include all the information you intend to discuss on one slide. Rather, use a few words to remind you to focus on what you wish to convey. After you present your case in 8 minutes or less, you will be given another 5 minutes during which you may solicit feedback and questions from the class. Faculty will help presenters as needed.

You may wish to begin by briefly identifying the client(s) and giving relevant case history. Then, clearly define the problem related to supervising this supervisee and briefly summarize the session on which you are seeking feedback. Be sure to include which supervision model you used in this case. Provide a brief description of the supervisee’s level of experience and how long you have been supervising this supervisee. Describe any supervision concerns or issues, including multicultural issues, ethical/legal issues, and communication issues. Be sure that you clearly identify the supervision issues on which you are seeking feedback.

This power point is based on Assignment: Paper 2—Conceptualization of a Supervision Case

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