Your reading response will be a critical reading of one of the


Your reading response will be a critical reading of one of the academic journal articles/book chapters in the list below. These are selected from the required reading material for this course. You will be responsible for reading these articles. There will not be lectures on them. I am going to set up discussion forums for these articles. You are welcome to post your questions and comments on the understanding, and critical analysis of issues of the articles. I’d be happy to join your discussions too. I recommend that you start reading and engaging with the articles asap. Your reading response will be a summary and critical review of the article. It should include the following (not necessarily in the order of the list below):

1) The thesis statement/argument of the article.

2) Key evidence used to support the argument.

3) Key quotes from the article. (What’s the significance of the quotes?)

4) Definition of key concepts.

5) Background information on the author if you could find any.

6) A summary of the main points.

7) Reflections and critical engagement with key issues in the article.

8) Bibliographical reference at the end of your paper, and in-text citation for your quotations from the article.

List of Articles for your Reading Response:

1) “Moral Cultivation, Filial Piety, and the Good Society in Classical Confucian Philosophy.” Book chapter in Families of Virtue: Confucian and Western Views on Childhood Development, by Erin M. Cline, Columbia University Press, New York, 2015, pp. 3–39.

2) Liu Xiaogan, “Non-Action and the Environment Today: A Conceptual and Applied Study of Laozi’s Philosophy,” pp. 315-339. In Girardot, N J, James Miller, and Xiaogan Liu. Daoism and Ecology: Ways Within a Cosmic Landscape. 2007.

3) Zhang, Jie. “Marriage and Suicide among Chinese Rural Young Women.” Social Forces, vol. 89, no. 1, 2010, pp. 311–326.

all requirements are included in document 2

the document 1 is one of those articles you can choose

I can’t find the other 2 articles, if you want to pick the other 2 articles, you need to find it on the internet.


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